Vendor Finance for Homes in Western sydney, Campbelltown and beyond

Do you have funds sitting in low performing investments?

If so, About Homes offers excellent rates of return of up to 12% on your money. These investments are secured against residential property.

  • Excellent high rate
  • Very low risk
  • We pay your legal costs
  • Short term investment timeline as compared to the banks

What is the process?

We buy three and four bedroom houses in Western and South Western Sydney.
We on-sell these houses to our qualified buyers on Vendor Finance contracts.
After a period of time, the buyer will have generated the required amount of equity to qualify for a traditional bank loan and they will pay us out of the transaction. Your investment is returned to you.
Of course, this is a very basic look at a typical transaction. Please contact us for more detailed information.

What are the risks of becoming a vendor in Sydney?

We ensure that as our investor – you are paid before we are.
We can guarantee our investments because we have successfully transacted many dozens of deals and we have over 13 years of experience in creative property transactions.

Why do we use investors?

To buy a typical $400k house, we need about $100k in deposits and purchasing costs. As you would appreciate, sooner or later, we are going to need private investors to come on board with us and provide these funds.
We constantly have more buyers than we have homes available. The more investor funds we can raise, the more houses we can buy, the more transactions we can complete.
We buy and sell our homes in the “mortgage belt” areas of Sydney.

How long do the transactions run for?

We would ask that you be comfortable investing with us on a two to five year timeframe. We find that most transactions will run for between two and four years. Market forces and property growth rates will have a say in how long a transaction will run for.

Is this legal?

Yes – such processes have been used in Australia since the early 1900’s. A Vendor Finance contract – called an Instalment Contract is prepared by our lawyers and settlement occurs between lawyers.
The Office of State Revenue pays the First Home Owners Grant on transactions done using Instalment Contracts.

Find out more about our vendor finance homes by calling us today

For those who were interested in our vendor finance homes in Campbelltown, Western Sydney, contact our team on 0418 642 600. For information on our instalment contracts, please click on the provided link. We look forward to hearing from you!