Mary and Julian | Bradbury


Scott and Arlene

My fiancée and I obtained a deposit loan from Alan so we could secure a home loan. If we didn’t we would still be renting and with the expertise provided to us by Alan and his team during that period was a huge help to us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan and his team to anyone who is looking for a loan to secure their first home.

Jodie and Mark Benson

We purchased our home in Rosemeadow in April 2009. It was by chance that we noticed the advert in the Macarthur Advertiser for a home for sale via vendor finance. We were apprehensive at first, not knowing anyone else that had purchased a home this way. We decided to make contact and look into the purchase.

After meeting you and viewing the home we decided that this may be our only chance to own a home as we were already an established family with 4 children under 13 and trying to save a 10% deposit while renting was feeling like a never ending battle.

If it wasn’t for taking the risk my family and I would not be in the position that we are today. 3 1/2 years after the initial purchase we are now living in our dream home on the South Coast. I am certain that if we did not purchase the home via vendor finance in 2009, we would not be living in our home that we now are.

Alan, you were genuinely pleased to be able to assist Mark and I to become home owners and was a pleasure to deal with from the very first meeting through to when we refinanced our home in August 2011.

Trish – Rosemeadow NSW

We purchased our house in Rosemeadow in September 2009. At the time we only had $3,000 cash deposit plus the first home owners grant but with your help were still able to get in our own home.

I had been looking into Vendor Finance options to purchase our house for about 12 months prior to contacting you.We have found your company helpful and trustworthy and would definitely do it again.
I would be happy to recommend you to others trying to buy their own home.

Della and Ian – Raby NSW

We were an older couple who were trying to get in our own home and your company made the process very easy for us.

With Vendor Finance we were able to get into our own home with only $10,000 deposit.

Unfortunately, a few years later we had to sell our home due to health reasons and happily were left with some money at the end of it.
We couldn’t praise you enough Alan for all your help and more than happy to recommend you to others.

Karlene – Campbelltown NSW

We were looking to purchase our home in 2011 but with only $5000 cash deposit and were having trouble getting a bank loan. With help from your company Alan, we were able to purchase our home using Vendor Finance.

We found your company very good to work with and we always had our statements etc. on time. We would be happy to recommend you to others in the same situation.